There Is No Difference Between Us. Let's Walk Together On This Journey

I found my why...

The thing is, when I began searching for a practitioner to support me with anxiety and trauma, I found I was smarter than many of them... Why? I had read so much that my mind "knew" all the things about stress and anxiety. (Sound familiar?!!)
My quest became: If I "know" so much, then WHY am I experiencing anxiety and panic attacks? WHY can't I put into action all this knowledge?  Click to read more...

Body Mind Conversations

This is your time to be heard, to reflect and to be supported to
include the body as your teammate.
Sessions are 60 Minutes and will be tailored to fit your needs in
This Moment. Nothing scripted, just me and you in this room right now. 
Body Mind Conversations may include:
Body Centered Meditations
Self-Breema Sequences with Sequence Notes
Breema Philosophy
Self Acupressure
Customized Essential Oil Blends (inspired by your session and mailed to you afterwards)
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"I Know You Are Ok.


It Is My Job To Remember That You Are Ok Until You Do.

And The Thing IS... You Will."



Self-Breema Classes available Online and, for my local ones, In The Park! What's a Self-Breema class like? Click here to learn more...

Still Not Sure?

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